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1.  David Bowie rare clip.

2. The Sandwich - fantasy hip-hop from 1982.

3. Alternative Hip-Hop artist PussyCoal.

4. Kings Of Leon and the adventures of the Medulla Oblongata.


David Bowie's Steptoe Girl.

This has been hard to find, and it's a lovely rare short out-take of Bowie in the studio at some point in 1982, recording his 'Let's Dance' album.

And what we get is a slow, slowed down 'Steptoe&Son' fuelled version of China Girl.  

It's really subtle, which is lovely and off the cuff apparently, which explains that nice surprised laugh of someone else in the studio that you hear.


The Sandwich.

This is a song from 1982 by the collective known as 'The 25 Thoughts'. *

Put simply by one of its members, this song is “a strike out for the humble sandwich and its possible toils and emotions”. (Cousin Jim, 'Damn! Is That The Time?' 1995, Prehensile Publishers)*

..and even clearer by band member 'Atmos Sittah' as "a song about the rise of a mutant 1 handed sandwich against the treatment of all sandwiches by humans."

Throughout their long history they have produced a number of plays and films and are famous for tackling social issues and matters of the psyche, often dusted with a touch of the bizarre.

The foundations of the group are hard to trace, but they do at least date back to the 70’s.  In 1975 they made a short documentary "What The Hell, You People Doing To Your Hair", which explored the growth of materialism and was a top down exploration of the structures of power, which led in turn to the suggestion of the in-cahoots nature of both the brain, and its “presents well” partner ‘the hair’. 

It’s also worth mentioning their acclaimed 1971 theatre production “You Better Be Butterin”, a multi media extravaganza that gained fame for, amongst others things, its graphic depictions of the extremes of what could possibly be buttered, and also incorporating animated visual sequences, which was the main inspiration behind our featured song here.  

And you can even hear a sample from it at the start.  It’s from a scene which chronicles the exact point reached where human hair has fallen at an unprecedented rate and “lies more upon earth n kitchen counters than it does atop human heads”.  And at this precise moment, a single 1 handed mutant sandwich (the guy in the picture above) rises up and leads all its little sandwichin’ brothers and sisters to take a stand against the ridiculous unfair treatment they receive.  And the Humans… they respond with force and gunfire from fear (in the sample you can just hear the sounds of gunshots and someone shouting “this shit is everywhere” in response to both the rise of sandwich, firearms, and the abundance of hair in his cafeteria. 

Here is the song and underneath it are the lyrics:

Human Hair

"This shit is everywhere"

People Pissin 'n Handlin

You know they Just Don't Care

Can't smell your smells

Can't take the noise

Got no money, One hand, Huh, guess I got no choice

Flesh rotting in the front

    "Cucumber "                                              Cucumber in the back                 

                                                           And the 'man' upon my Crust                                           ' a Crust'
God, Keep That Filling Intact                  to keep my "Filling Intact"                        Keep That Filling Intact
{The 'Man'}                                                                                                                      {The Machine}

Tried to get away, but I couldn't get far,

Cos I got no legs nor access to a car

Don't. Push. Me.
Cos. I'm. Close. To. The.

I'm. Trying. Not. To. Lose. My. Bread

It's like a sandwich sometimes

It can't be Sleepin

If it knows it must be Eaten.

If you would like to know more about the meanings behind the song,  the following is an excerpt from a book by one of the more politically active (activist) fantasy dwellers of the band, 'Water Bear' where he describes the world of the play as though it was real, embodying the sandwich, and giving us a blow by blow explanation of the lyrics in the song: 

Taken from "It's like a sandwich sometimes..." (2001, p45)

"Human Hair is falling everywhere and is filling up our fillings.

People are not washing their hands. They are mooching themselves, (their own bodies).  They are supposed to wash in the society they have constructed, seeing themselves as “civilized” and “proper”. But when it comes to us sandwiches, they are simply touching piss, male and female, and for those who dab at it with paper, it’s a too thin barrier between finger and urine.

They can't smell and enjoy the smells of a sandwich and its components like you do, and they can't take the chatter and noise of 'sandwich,' 'sandwich and teeth', sandwich and tongues, chattering, chomping and tonguing whatever pops in their mouth.  As our spokesperson, our lucky 1 handed freak brother states, even with 1 hand, we don't have money, or power, we do not have the items required to make the change that humans use.

Always,  always, meat stacked up on the bones and remains of others, yes rotting, always timed conveniently just in time before the rot get 'nasty' to human senses, and popped in with enough time to spare.  But they are rotting, always, there in your nice sandwich, rotting meat, way before ripped from its host and friend, “it's god damn necromancy in any other arena” (Bobby Leeway 1599).

And the establishment is always there, pressing upon the consciousness of all, keep it ordered, don't grow or change, do what we want, keep that filling from spilling out and over into laps and chaos.

“If you don't like it, shift on” they say - We can't! without legs and options it's hard.

The subsequent pressure pushes our brothers and sisters to extremes, to 'OverFill', trying their hardest cos they don't know what is going on, that if 'you don't feel stable' there is something wrong with you, so they try and try to keep that butter and bread together.

How can a sandwich sleep silent or get a little rest when you know you are going to eaten, devoured, digested… made to be unmade.

* named so from their belief that thoughts are a simplistic tool dressed up and in reality there are only 25 roots to all thoughts.



  Came across this fella, free-styling on a radio program as he rapped about his flow into a 'pair of tight jeans', and what further caught my attention was when he said that this was not a "tight jean fashion" statement.  These were jeans that were tight, but that wasn't all. 

So I kept in the loop, discovered that amazingly the evidence so far does point to this being his actual birth name, which intrigued me further,  and liked how he released music as teasers, so you get parts of song released separately, or just very short pieces of music.

This is his latest offering.  It's a solidification of his "Tight Jean", seeing him following his instincts, and flowing with what he had stepped into. 

Here's the 1st part

 The 2nd will appear later in his upcoming album as "a chronicle of evolution from a tight jean, as at this point, I've glimpsed chi, my own, and it's tight".

On explaining his music. he says he likes to take the joints, mechanics and 'industry' of hip hop, and then by either cut or chat, open it up to reveal the splatter of soul, heart, dreams  and whatever else is hidden in.

He will be releasing an album, I couldn't get a physical copy off of him to show you the artwork, but I can confirm it will reveal a mighty cavern.  What I can't say here is what the cavern is nearly entirely made of, again due to very particular 'decency laws' regarding this sort of thing.  Though I can say it is being mined into coal sized happy pieces, and it will be called, ' Minin'That Shit'.

PussyCoal has talked about wanting to express an apocalyptic place at one end, and at the other the evolution of emotions and the species, and in the middle, in this case, the day to day of a too tight jean.

But the focus he cares for is simply communication.  As he himself said:

"I'm just communicating that these jeans, on this day, at thus time, over the radio, people cannot and will not ever see them!  And I can't see theirs! So let's speak".


Song for Medulla Oblongata.

The Medulla

Dream fuelled sketch

The Song

The start of this tale begins with "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon, and a re-imagining of the world of the song, to tell the story of the Medulla Oblongata (Mo for the short).

The Medulla Oblongata is the part of the brain that controls a number of autonomic functions, i.e the stuff without thought, like breathing and sneezing.

'Mo' forms part of the lowest area of the brain,  and hence as you will see has been picked upon by bits of brain above it.

This all started with a recent interest in the evolution of the brain and the idea of it being a living thing, (like possibly all particles of the living and all matter, which is a further dabble to come) and dabbling also in the possibility of communicating in some form with these 'living' things.  I tried meditating to something specific, but at this stage I hadn't connected to anything, but what happened shortly afterwards opened up an unusual path.

The results flooded a dream of mine, and then upon waking, through a hurried sketch and colouring.  It seemed as though as I had made contact with something.  A specific part of the brain, the Medulla Oblongata.  And this is the story I have translated.

The fragments I experienced in the dream are as follows:

It's night, it's very cold, I see a big fleshy thing (a giant Medulla, with feelings, and sad face of sorts), moving somehow, in the street, (not a shuffle, nor a huddling) whilst the kings of leon trawl through leaf litter in my room(latched on from elsewhere in the psyche this bit I assume).  I call out and ask if it's ok, and beckon MO in through my window,whilst holding the band back behind me with arms outstretched, as their curiosity mixed with fear and anger at what was happening.
MO told of its sadness (I do feel that it was slightly a woman). Of how what it named 'Big Brain'* had attacked MO's confidence and worth. And this, I could not take silently.

*note on Big Brain - at 18seconds into the song, you can hear Big Brain trying to make it's presence felt, with possibly it's first recorded reaction via sound,  which turns out to be a cocky moan.  

Hence came the song, the picture, the plight, it fit so right.  MO does so much more in it's duties I researched and realised, and did not deserve these lies, and so I yelled the truth, in a manner nudged into being by the band being there.   And when the chorus hit, putting both versions flush to each other to compare, the power and assertion meant much to Medulla Oblongata.

Listen out for Medulla herself singing in those higher octaves, and gaining in confidence, AND, I urge you to try at least once to sing the new words along to the song, with a little gusto, and see how it feels for you. 


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